“Bitter” by Sophia Danai ft. BREVNER

Sophia Danai released her sophomore album Love Royale on March 1, 2016. This record is a statement about empowerment and knowing your own mistakes, yet continuing forward, better and stronger. Immersed in deep, hypnotic beats and putting the raw beauty of Sophia’s vocals on centre stage. Love Royale explores the beauty of the human condition. While Sophia co-produced the entire release. Producer Jon Brown (Meghan Trainor, Pink) produced the romantic “Daytime Dreaming” single, and Vancouver’s Matt Brevner produced several tracks including the electro-pop single “Bitter”. Sophia’s longtime drummer/producer Jon Holisko shows his contributions on the slow, dark groove of the “Something to Nothing” single.

I wanted to explore and talk honestly about the unresolved feelings at the end of a toxic relationship; hurt, longing, thoughts of revenge. The end of my relationship was one of the hardest times in my life, but one of the most illuminating. I think it’s important to let yourself go through the whole process, and to feel what you need to feel, without judging yourself..

Brevner, who is a Vancouver based MC, helped produce the song, and is also featured on this track. His presence brings the other perspective. We created a song that shows both sides to the story. The line of what is real, and what is imagined in the music video is intended to be blurry. After a painful separation, the mind can go to dark places, and imagine events and circumstances that
would end in vindication for the scorned.

“Brevner and I had been trying to collaborate for a couple years. Finally we were able to come together, and it was clear that we were both going through break ups of some kind. We were on the same page emotionally, and hit it off sonically as far as what we wanted to hear and make. We helped each other out of a difficult time, and the music really wrote itself and told that story”.

August 19th – Vault Cafe – Nanaimo
August 20th – Ukrainian Centre – Victoria
August 23rd – On The Rocks – Kamloops
August 24th – Spirit Bar – Kelowna
September 9th – Guilt & Co. – Vancouver
September 13th – Sunset Tavern – Seattle
September 17th – Copper Owl (Rifflandia Festival) – Victoria
September 21st – Studio Bar – Toronto
September 22nd – Bar Pub St Denis – Montreal
September 23rd – Pianos – New York
September 24th – Rockwood Music Hall – New York


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