Bishat debuts new single “Dream About Me”

Bishat debuts new single "Dream About Me"

Bishat is a, singer/songwriter/producer. She writes and performs dark soulful pop with influences from contemporary R&B. Today, the artist with roots, also in Ethiopia and Eritrea, is debuting her new single “Dream About Me”.

The second track off her forthcoming release, ‘Dream About Me’ was written during a dark period in Bishat’s life, when she was looking for solace in music, taking a similar tone to her previos single ‘Unholy Romance’.

“‘Dream About Me’ explores the fear of change in a relationship when things are uncertain and the insecurities that this uncertainty bring. It makes a person cling to what they have whilst fearfully awaiting the change that will inevitably come. The song is intimate and dramatic, invoking the emotions that come from falling in and out of love”.

Bishat on “Dream About Me”:

“I wrote the lyrics for this in bed one night around 5am when I got home. I just had this intense feeling that everything around me was changing and it sent me spinning. I hate change but I crave it so much and that balance has always been my struggle.”


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