Too Birds premiere ‘I’m Going To Die’

Too Birds premiere new album 'I'm Going To Die'
Too Birds

Too Birds are a band from Melbourne, Australia. The trio’s sound is influenced by the the likes of Death Grops, Shabazz Palaces, and more. Today, release.the band have shared their debut I’m Going To Die ahead of it’s

Too Birds started as a project in 2016 by rappers Teether and Realname as a half baked idea one hazy night. The first time they met up, producer Mr. Society insisted on joining them. They began working on their first album, I’m Going To Die almost immediately after the drop of their first project. Wanting to develop and experiment more with their dynamic Too Birds new album showcases the aggression found on a Death Grips production, but the dexterity & flow similar to clipping. or Shabazz Palaces. Experiments aren’t detours, but keyholes into a larger, idiosyncratic universe. Each rappers cadence plays off each other in wild unpredictable ways, new flavours into their dystopian dreamscape.


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