Big Fresh debut video for “Hottie Tottie”

Big Fresh debut new video for "Hottie Tottie."
Big Fresh

Lexington, Kentucky’s Big Fresh have released their funky new video for “Hottie Tottie”. Is the video a modern day metaphor for Bobby Riggs vs.Billie-Jean King, or just some boys and girls having some fun, we will leave it up to you to decide. The track is off their current release Sweeps. available via Desperate Spirits. Big Fresh play their next show on August 20th in Lexington, KY.

Sweeps finds the members of Big Fresh losing our grip on our place in a chaotic dystopia. We have run out of patience with God, and are hoping to find our prayers answered at the altar of pop music… the recording, production, consumption, transmission, creation of eternal frequencies that echo through the vacuum of space. It is our only hope.”

John Ferguson of Big Fresh on the video for “Hottie Tottie”:

“The idea for the ‘Hottie Tottie’ video was to compliment the idea presented in the song, which is ostensibly about my (and everyone’s) pre-occupation with sex. Daniel Coy, our long time collaborator, and OG member of Big Fresh, had the concept to have a boys vs. girls basketball game to provide a metaphoric backdrop for the inherent power dynamic that is present with sex between men and women. Daniel has worked with us as video director since his video ‘Like Swayze’ from Big Fresh’s ‘Fall Preview’ EP. Since basketball, and sports in general, are a tribalistic ritual rewarding competition in a winner-take-all charade, we felt it was the perfect visual metaphor where we could highlight the absurdity of our eternal flesh dance. Since the game is never won, we mostly play for the joy of rubbing sweaty flesh, patting asses, bumping chests, and the groping of the balls. Score!”

Big Fresh
Live Dates

08/20/2018: Lexington, KY @ The Burl (Record Release Show)
09/08/2018: Lexington, KY @ Tahlsound Music Festival