Beverly sign to Kanine, share “Honey Do”

Beverly sign to Kanine Records, share debut song "Honey Do" Beverly (Drew Citron and Frankie Rose) will release their album on Kanine Records this summer.

The ladies of Beverly share their debut single “Honey Do”. Claiming the track was re-sparking our love of infectious, sweetly buzzing pop melodies, heavenly girl-group harmonies..,”.  Beverly (Drew Citron and Frankie Rose) are all set and ready to release their leading full-length album with Kanine Records this summer – stay tuned for details.  “Honey Do” will appear on the album alongside Kanine’s vinyl only Record Store Day compilation, Non Violent Femmes which also features: Speedy Ortiz, Joanna Gruesome, Tashaki Miyaki, TEEN, Bleeding Rainbow, Eternal Summers, Beach Day, Beaches, Is/Is plus more.

Beverly is 16 today. I heard she was a bratty baby; she drank all the milk. Bev is sooooo hot right now. She’s always really hungry, and I don’t know why. Sometimes she eats Cap’n Crunch ’til she thinks she’s gonna vom – then she eats more. It’s weird. She’s still growing I guess. She’ll eat anything and everything. I heard Beverly ate her father’s strat, then her mother’s purple slingerland drum set…so crazy. She keeps getting bigger. She must be like 9 feet tall. I don’t think Bev showers either. She’s a dirty girl. Her hair is stringy and she doesn’t care. Also Bev refuses to stop putting her hand in Tim the pit’s cage. Tim’s gonna bite that hand clean off one day… Did I mention, she wears waaay too much makeup and mismatched plaid? Frankie and Drew say her style is tacky, but I just think it’s so Beverly.


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