Beta Frontiers releases new single “So Cold”

Beta Frontiers releases new single "So Cold", which features Carmen Elle of Diana. The release date is May 6th via Buzz records.


So Cold” is meant to be heard during one of those long summer days just as it’s breaking for night. Showing a more laid back side to Beta Frontiers, the song begins with the sound of glowing, fazed-out synths that only subside to give room for Carmen Elle’s (DIANA, Army Girls) playful vocals.

Toronto’s Beta Frontiers was born in Michael Butler’s living room– a home studio experiment in electronics that bubbled over into an arpeggiated assemblage of countless influences. Following the encouragement of his close friends, he wrote and recorded his first EP “….”  a retro-futurist which featured the haunting pop anthem “Hondo” w/ Becky Ninkovic.

Since then, Butler has been only looking ahead. After backing the dancy Dionysians Phèdre on tour as well as stirring up a stream of remixes (including ones for his Buzz buds Odonis Odonis).


Beta Frontiers
So Cold f/ Carmen Elle
[Buzz Records]
Release date: May 6, 2014

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