Beliefs Debut Video For New Song “Tidal Wave”

Beliefs Debut Video For their New Song "Tidal Wave"

Beliefs hail from Toronto and formed in the fall of 2010 when guitarist/vocalists Josh Korody and Jesse Crowe connected at a birthday party. They quickly expressed a mutual love for fuzz driven and reverb saturated bands of the 80’s and 90’s and decided right then to start a project. Korody and Crowe dedicated the next year to working on their self-titled record, which Korody also produced at what was to become his Candle Recording Studio, the band’s headquarters and home to Korody’s production work with artists including but not limited to Fucked Up, Cousins, Moon King, and Fresh Snow.

Today, the band has launched the video for new song “Tidal Wave”. The video, directed by Trevor Blumas (who plays in fellow Hand Drawn Dracula band Doomsquad) and Laura Lynn Petrick, evokes an atmosphere of pre-digital age, public access late-night music television, perfectly complementing the song’s rich, enveloping guitar sound. “Tidal Wave” features backing vocals from their friend Shehzaad Jiwani of the band Greys.

Watch the video for “Tidal Wave” below and stay tuned for more info on the release of Leaper, the band’s follow up to their self-titled debut, due out sometime in 2015 on Hand Drawn Dracula!

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