Becky and the Birds Shares “With You”

Becky and the Birds Shares “With You”
Becky and the Birds “With You”

Becky and the Birds has releases her new dreamy, blissful song “With You” as an exclusive for Spotify’s Studio Oyster. “With You” is preceded by the project of Thea Gustafsson’s AKA: Becky and the Birds’ 2020 EP Trasslig, released via 4AD, as well as recent features on the Healy song “Back On The Fence” and the Dijon song “The Stranger” alongside Tobias Jesso Jr and John C. Reilly. The song follows previous hyped Studio Oyster recordings including by girl in red, Augustina, and more.

Thea Gustafsson on “With You:”

“Previously when I’ve written love songs there’s always been some kind of melancholy in it and it’s always some kind of bittersweet feeling. But for this song I wanted to make a song about love, and just that feeling of giving in to somebody else, because I’ve never done that before. I’m inspired by fairytales and am daydreaming everyday all day. It feels like I’m in my own world so I’m just trying to dig into that space and to find that space in my music too”

With previous songs featured on Spotify’s global playlists POLLEN & New Music Friday, she was an obvious choice for Studio Oyster, a program where Nordic and international artists are invited to the Stockholm studio to create a new genre-bending gem. Thea continues:

“I don’t think there’s space for me in genres, so I think Oyster is perfect for somebody like myself who doesn’t fit in. We’ve been having a good time with genres but I think it’s a dying thing. Everything else is so fluid now, it doesn’t make sense to have these boxes when everything else in the world is finally starting to move outside of boxes”

About Oyster

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for the passionate music fan that the Nordic region has brought the world producers and artists that have helped evolve and redefined genres. These creators inspire a whole generation of music connoisseurs for which Spotify created the playlist brand Oyster last year.

“Oysters are a sign for exclusiveness. A shell on the outside, with a real treasure inside, just like the tracks we’re happy to enable through Studio Oyster. Our audience is picky, real connoisseurs with a distinct taste. At the same time, they are inclusive and fluid when it comes to music, constantly seeking out the best artists and tracks, regardless of genre, release year or origin. Studio Oyster and it’s accompanying playlist brand Oyster is a genre-bending space that reflects current and future culture. A destination for music fans who actively want to explore new sounds and expressions, but also a playlist you can put on at home and feel inspired by the vibe. It’s a mix of genres, emerging and established, Nordic and international” – Sophia Olofsson, Studio Manager and Senior Editor at Spotify, explained at launch.


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