“Be Your Friend” by Virgin Kids

Originally started as the bedroom project of frontman Asher Preston, Virgin Kids were fully formed in late 2014 with the addition of childhood friend Paul Rosser and latterly Jack Spencer-Davis (ex Thee MVP’s)

The band started two years ago, rigorously playing shows throughout the UK, supporting several artists including; Jacuzzi Boys, The Coathangers, Dirty Fences, and Kim and The Created. The production on their debut Greasewheel wisely emphasises the fevered intensity of Virgin Kids’ live show.

Opener ‘Bruised Knees’ sets out the record’s punch-drunk mix of Gun Club swagger and the Descendants’ more jovial insurrection with its tightly strummed scuzzy guitar riff pitched somewhere between punk and surf-rock and a bear-hug of a chorus that sounds as if it is being bellowed with beery gusto down a scrappy tube of cardboard by frontman Asher Preston. The new video is as shambolic as you will have come to expect.

‘Be Your Friend’, the last track on the album, see’s the band come up with their most startling video to date. A stylish ‘finger performance’ demonstrating how creative and brimming with ideas ‘Virgin Kids’ are.

Virgin Kids perfectly embody that classic Burger Records mix of scuzz and raw charm and Greasewheel sits comfortably alongside releases from label mates such as Hinds and the Sarcastic Assholes.
Throughout Greasewheel the band veer from sounds that evoke FIDLAR and Black Lips (‘Crook’) to a poppier take on the Germs (the gleefully brash ‘Never Nude’) and the Misfits (the gothic, swirling psych-garage revelry of ‘Shrink Wrap’)