Be Forest Debuts “Colours” New Album Out 2/4

Be Forest Debuts their new single "Colours" from their New Album "Earthbeat" which will be released Out 2/4 on WWNBB.

Be Forest debuts “Colours” from their upcoming full-length album, Earthbeat, which will be released Feb 4 on WWNBB. Combining a hypnotic progression with ethereal form, the track is streaming on soundcloud

In the spring of 2011 Be Forest‘s debut album, Cold, was released. Music zines started buzzing about the “Pesaro-scene”: a town on the Adriatic coast of Italy that gave birth to bands such as Soviet Soviet, Altro, and Brothers in Law (a band that shares Be Forest‘s guitarist Nicola Lampredi). The Pesaro-movement brought out sharp sounds, chilly atmospheres, and new energies.

As the band describes it: “Pesaro is not a city for young people, there are less and less venues to play at, especially during the winter. Perhaps this lack is exactly what motivates kids to embrace music so passionately”.

Be Forest was born as a trio: the already mentioned guitarist, Nicola, was joined by Erica Terenzi on drums and vocals and Costanza Delle Rose on bass and vocals. For this sophomore album, Earthbeat, the band gained the services of Lorenzo Badioli, who takes care of the new electronic parts of Be Forest‘s sound. If with Cold, their sound was characterized as “dark”, with Earthbeat the sun seems to have risen, brightening the Riviera. Be Forest‘s melodies have always had a dreamy lightness as their striking feature, but now it is possible to feel a new warmth.

A soft touch between the classic 4AD and the more recent XX, a new and involved liveliness is heard in Be Forest‘s sound. It’s no surprise that Earthbeat, recorded in Pesaro by Paolo Rossi at Studio Waves, was completely produced by the band itself.

We Were Never Being Boring
Release Date: Feb 4, 2014
1. Totem
2. Captured heart
3. Lost boy
4. Ghost dance
5. Airwaves
6. Totem II
7. Colours
8. Sparkle
9. Hideway

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