Bassel and The Supernaturals debut new single

Bassel and The Supernaturals debut new single "Sneak You in".

“Sneak You In” is the new single from Chicago-based soul act, Bassel and The Supernaturals. Bassel Almadani is a Syrian- American musician who has dedicated his creative spirit to raising awareness for the current Syrian crisis. With this single, the nine-piece band will launch a pre-order campaign for their forthcoming full-length, Elements. They’ll donate 20% of all merchandise orders to Karam Foundation for humanitarian relief in Syria and incorporate philanthropic incentives in the process, including the option to donate music lessons to underprivileged children and live performances to select charities.

“Soul music has the ability to transcend barriers, allowing access into the hearts & minds of people that could otherwise be impossible to reach . . . our fans have typically had little or no interaction with the conflict prior to meeting us. We’re acting as a source of information in our community, and more importantly as a voice for over 10,000,000 displaced Syrians whose voices have otherwise gone unheard,” said Bassel.


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