Barcelona debut new track “I Do It Myself”

Barcelona debut new track "I Do It Myself", the track comes off their forthcoming release 'Basic Man'

Barcelona’s last release, an EP trilogy called The Melodrama, found the Seattle band taking a big risk. They completely left behind the melodic, piano-based indie rock sound they had become well-known for and ventured into unknown territory.

“We’ve taken taken it to a different level of layering and sound design, especially vocally,” says frontman Brian Fennell. “Chad Copelin, our producer, has a ridiculous number of quirky, old, half-broken synths and instruments that we’d never seen before. We also used a lot of classic synthesizers like the Roland Juno, Chroma Polaris, Minimoog D, various Dave Smith/Sequential Circuits synths, and the Yamaha DX7. They are all full of inspiration.”

While their last release was a conceptual trilogy of sequential EPs released over time, Basic Man was written with the intention of being listened to as one album, all the way through. More specifically, “we wanted this to be a record that you feel all the way through,” says Fennell.

“I like to write about the human condition,” he says. “I’ve been fascinated with stripping down my own desires and fears and talking about the raw, simple drivers behind them.”

“On ‘Basic Man,’ the underlying theme is desperation – painfully plain and straightforward,” he explains. “Like, I want to be this complex and unique man, but I’m really just like everyone else. Which is super empty and sad when you zoom out from your life and you realize you are just this gray and featureless minion in an army of bros. On one hand that can feel defeating, but on the other it’s totally unifying and comforting to know that you aren’t that special or unusual.”

“I hope that the people who have been fans for years continue to follow us into another new musical adventure-land with this album,” Fennell says. “I know it can be uncomfortable and almost scary when bands you’ve listened to for years decide to completely change everything. But I’m excited to show people what we’ve been working on for the last couple years.”

Barcelona’s BASIC MAN comes out October 14th