Barbarossa shares “Home” ft: José González

Barbarossa shares "Home" featuring José González from his forthcoming LP 'Imager.

Barbarossa, is London native James Mathé, he returns with the album Imager, May 12 via Memphis Industries. Today, he shares a new track in the shape of “Home” which features José González on vocal duties.

“James has been part of my live band for many tours now since we met more than ten years ago when he opened up for me in my first show in London,” explains González. “His vocals and style fit perfect with my vision of both Junip and the solo band sound.”

“I was very excited to hear his third album and feel like the songs and sounds are better than ever! Felt honored to be part of it in the song ‘Home’ where I sing in the chorus. I recorded it in my apartment and remember especially liking the timing of the words with its ‘slightly behind the rhythm’ feel.”

Working with co-producer Ash Workman, Mathé builds on the foundations provided by his organic approach to song writing, to build elegiac electronic anthems that are filled with a simple, poignant immediacy.

(Memphis Industries)

Imager Track List:

Solid Soul
Dark Hopes
Silent Island
Human Feel
The Wall


06/10 – London – The Lexington
06/11 – Paris – Pop Up Du Label

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