The Ballantynes debut “My Place Your Town”

The Ballantynes debut their new video for the single "My Place Your Town"

The Ballantynes have released their new video, for their catchy track “My Place Your Town”. The band talked a bit about the process. The clip was directed by Megan Magdalena, inspired by a Twin Peaks dream sequence.

The Ballantynes were born from the early days of the Astoria Soul Club, a monthly party in the vein of classic Northern Soul All Nighters that covered the club’s iconic black and white checkered linoleum with sweat and talcum powder. Social links and associations aside, we were all first on the floor dancers and traveling in a roaming pack made us feel like we were really onto something we could share.

Kitty corner to Little Red Sounds where we’ve laid down all our recordings, it was also the first stop we made while filming Megan Bourne’s dreamy video for our latest single, “My Place Your Town”. Shot over a day and night, Meg was a pleasure to work with. It’s not hard to see why she’s really starting to make a name for herself. She totally let us have our cake and eat it too.

“My Place Your Town” is really about finding places that are like home when you’re nowhere near it, and people who feel like home anytime you’re together, and the urgency of squeezing every possible moment out of those things before distance pulls you apart again.

Trying to sneak a dozen people into a “deluxe suite” to film at the Patricia had that same familiarity. Be it for being born too late, or for memories of roadside bad behaviour, there’s definitely an undertone of wistful nostalgia in everything we do that Meg really captured. Her nods to twin peaks are very playful and pleasing too. It’s dark, but not bleak, which I think could be said about many of the tracks on the last LP.

As of this evening, we’ve moved into a new rehearsal space and we have our sights set on writing a follow up to Dark Drives, Life Signs, as well as shows this spring and summer, both at home and on the road.


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