Badge Époque Ensemble “Just Space For Light”

Badge Époque Ensemble present a new single, “Just Space For Light” (feat. Jennifer Castle), from their forthcoming album, Self Help
Badge Époque Ensemble “Just Space For Light” (feat. Jennifer Castle)

Badge Époque Ensemble have dropped their new single, “Just Space For Light” (feat. Jennifer Castle), the track is of their Self Help, out November 20th on Telephone Explosion Records. “Just Space For Light” follows “Unity (It’s Up To You),” which was presented alongside a claymation video, and lead single “Sing A Silent Gospel.” With each new single, which has featured a new guest vocalist (beginning with Meg Remy and Dorothea Paas, then R&B soul artist James Baley and now Castle).

“’Just Space For Light’ weaves a few BÉE themes together,” says Turnbull. “The collision of disparate moods between sections, lyrics which touch on the meditative experience, and collaboration with a distinctive vocalist; in this case Jennifer Castle, who’s soulful presence on our album is a blessing.”

Recorded live over three weekends at Toronto’s Palace Sound Studio in the months before lockdown, Self Help is an exploratory record that dances across time and genre, guided by fidgety miniatures and jazz inflected collage. While constructed from the inspiration of soul, funk and film music, BÉE mediate those influences having first digested them through the productions of Madlib and the RZA.

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