Bad Pop debuts video for “On Your On”

Bad Pop debuts video for "On Your On"
Bad Pop

BAD POP have grown up, and they’re kind of pissed off about it. So, this indie rock band turned to every teenager’s refuge: distortion pedals and sarcasm. The Canadian band have released their brand new video for “On Your Own”, now available via Killing Moon.

Live, frontman Chris Connelly is alternatively heartwarming and menacing, like a pissed-off Weird Al. Superstar multi-instrumentalist Catherine Hiltz weaves melodic bass lines like a punk-rock bar-brawling PJ Harvey. Drummer Aaron Klassen was raised on a steady diet of Bonham and Grohl, and plays as if the snare just said something about his mother.

quote from lead singer Chris Connelly:

‘“On Your Own” explores the exhilaration and sadness of being out in the world, as a real-deal adult, on your own. It’s a relatable feeling for everyone who has experienced the cold reality and loneliness of adulthood – not the “I can vote for the first time” type of adulthood, but the heavier kind.’