“Bad Citizen” by Hey Geronimo

Hey Geronimo are set to unveil their new single “Bad Citizen”. Mixed by Australian legend Magoo, the hook-heavy, high-energy track, shouts a frantic message of warning over distorted guitars, bombastic drums and paranoid synths. Front-man Pete Kilroy reflects on the cause for alarm in the current politically charged climate, where digital platforms create echo-chambers of truth which are hard to escape.

“We’re endlessly fascinated in how advances of technology are changing society for the better and the worse. Bad Citizen reflects the idea that some of this change can potentially be negative. It’s not an original idea, but the reality is that we really are living in a new age of alternative facts, doublethink, reduced privacy and the potential for unprecedented surveillance. We’re not doomsayers by any means, but we feel it’s naïve to think that Orwell’s future, while not probably, certainly is possible.” – Lead singer, PETE KILROY

The video that accompanies “Bad Citizen” is unsurprisingly politically themed, with flashes of Edward Snowden, Ai Wei Wei, startling protest footage and shots of Kilroy writhing in a Clockwork Orange inspired indoctrination and interrogation session.

Their last album, CRASHING INTO THE SUN became one of the best-reviewed independent Australian Records of 2016. Praise for the album came from The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Rolling Stone, and The AU Review, amongst others. The release of “Bad Citizen” confirms that the second album from the Hey Geronimo boys will live up to it’s predecessor.

‘Bad Citizen’ is out through Chugg Music / MGM on Friday June 23 2017.


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