“Back One Day” by Francis Lung

"Back One Day" by Francis Lung

Francis Lung is the solo project of Tom McClung, former bass player of the Manchester based WU LYF. Adopting the solo moniker following WU LYF’s demise in 2012, McClung embarked on a time of musical exploration, embracing the freedom to express his own creativity within a loose musical identity. As a result, Faeher’s Son is a compelling debut EP, a collection of 6 varied songs that offer a glimpse into the workings of an ambitious and brave new artist.

As with WU LYF, Francis Lung’s central emphasis is pop; Faeher’s Son is awash with melodies that captivate and charm, whose simplicity belies a rich soundscape. Opening with ‘Something Blue’ which recalls the intimacy of Sufjan Stevens, the record then introduces a brightness with light, calypso rhythms akin to Devendra Banhart on ‘Where Life Comes To Live’ and ‘Oh My Love’. Lead track, ‘Back One Day’ blends bohemian piano chords alongside a sparse but punching percussive beat whilst ‘Age Limits’ introduces a rawer side of Francis Lung.