Baby Alpaca Reveals “Roller Coaster”

Baby Alpaca Reveals his single "Roller Coaster," available for streaming on Northern Transmissions

Baby Alpaca has been on the rise since releasing their debut EP last year. Duo Chris Kittrell and Zach McMillan have teamed up with producer Filip Nikolic from Poolside / Turbotito & Ima Robot to record their first studio album. “Roller Coaster” is the first part of a short film in three parts. SNEAK PEEK: stills from upcoming video, which you can watch below. “Roller Coaster” is out today.

“You know the feeling you get after amazing sex? All dizzy, weak in the knees, about to pass out. It reminds me of being at a theme park. Carnival games, swing chairs, wooden roller coasters. High on cotton candy and Icees. One turn behind getting onto the ride and screaming hands in the air until it’s over.” explains Chris Kittrell.

And about their upcoming music: “We’re really looking forward to releasing our first album, and collaborating with Filip Nikolic (Poolside/Turbotito) makes such great energy in the studio. Finding chemistry in a musical relationship is rare. But once you are on the ride, you are in it.”

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