Avey Tare + Guests Host Sunday’s Transmission of Animal Collective Radio. Tune in at 9 PM EST.

Tune in live this Sunday night at 9PM EST for another transmission of Animal Collective Radio (radio.myanimalhome.net). Avey Tare hosts this week’s show, which also features guest DJ mixes by Atlas Sound, The Blackouts and Ghost Capital. The show will air as a live loop for 24 hours after which an archive will be made available via MixCloud.

To date Animal Collective Radio has broadcast transmissions hosted by band members Panda Bear and Deakin. The shows have also featured guest DJ mixes by Haunted Graffiti, Black Dice, Sublime Frequencies, Pantha Du Prince, Turquoise Wisdom and DOODcast. Archives of these shows are available on radio.myanimalhome.net and on Animal Collective’s MixCloud page mixcloud.com/animalcollectiveradio/. The last transmission of Animal Collective Radio, hosted by Geologist, will air next Sunday, August 19th at 9PM EST.

Animal Collective is also inviting fans to make their own radio shows to share on MixCloud. To help people get started the band has provided Centipede Hz sound samples and instructions on how to make them on your own. To encourage participation the band will give away 5 vinyl test pressings of Centipede Hz at random to those who have submitted mixes by August 31st. For more details on Animal Collective YouMix visit: http://mixcloud.com/projects/animalcollectiveyoumix

Animal Collective Radio is a partnership between the band, Domino and The Creators Project. Visit The Creators Project website for detailed Animal Collective Radio tracklists, info and exclusive interviews with the guest DJs. http://thecreatorsproject.com/creators/animal-collective

Animal Collective’s new album Centipede Hz is out September 3rd / 4th on Domino. Pre-order now on the band’s webstore http://myanimalhome.net/store.