neon indian errata annex album review

Neon Indian “Errata Anex EP” Review

A year and a half after releasing Era Extraña, Neon India (aka Alan Palomo) has now given his blessing to five artists to rework their favourite tracks off of his 2011 release in ERRATA ANEX. ERRATA ANEX is an anagram for Era Extraña, and like the title, the five songs on the EP are all remixes of Neon Indian’s original creations. All of the artists featured on the EP were handpicked by Alan Palomo, and include Optimo, Boyd Rice, Patten, Actress, and Twin Shadow. Overall, the EP will be a must-have for the Neon Indian die-hards, however there is little here that would qualify as a necessity for the casual fan.

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moon king interview daniel northern transmissions

Moon King Interview

Charles Brownstein interviews Toronto duo Moon King’s Daniel Benjamin. He shares his thoughts on the booming Canadian music scene, producing his own music and claims to actually eat healthier on the road…

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yeah yeah yeahs mosquito album review

Review Of ‘Mosquitos’ From The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

After being out of the game for four years, NYC gang Yeah Yeah Yeahs have returned with their fourth LP, Mosquito. Mosquito has been labelled as YYYs “soul’ record however there are also touches on roots reggae and flashes of abstract electronica. Not the kind that populated It’s Blitz the band’s third LP, these forays into synthscapes favour the experimental over anything pop

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m83 soundtrack to oblivion film

M83’s Soundtrack to Oblivion Stream

M83’s Anthony Gonzalez, in collaboration with Joseph Trapanese, has scored the Tom Cruise-starring sci-fi film Oblivion. The entire soundtrack is available to stream online. It features the new M83 track “Oblivion”, featuring Susanne Sundfør.

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