The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Drop NEW Remix

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 'Rock the Ride' Single Pkg Out Today, Drop NEW Remix,

Danish pop duo The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, consisting of Lars Iversen & Mette Lindberg, recently released their third studio album, Bring Us Together, via Hot Bus/Rough Trade! Having won audiences across the world over with their unique brand of deliciously fun & edgy pop, the Copenhagen duo have quickly become one of Denmark’s most prominent musical success stories. In support of the new record, they also just wrapped a full US tour.

Having previously dropped Bring Us Together album single “My Club,” the band has today released their Rock the Ride single package! Featuring the original, action-packed track with an undeniably infectious chorus, the package also contains a remix via God Of The Basement. The “Rock the Ride” (GOTB Remix) is available to stream.

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