Ark Analog EP available as a free download

Ark Analog make debut EP 'Dirty Power' is available today as a free download. Ark Analog will be playing in Toronto at Long Winter on February 7th.

Ark Analog (Maylee Todd and Dan Werb (Woodhands)) have made their debut EP Dirty Power available as a free download from their four-track EP, which includes lead-single ‘Make Me A Mirror’.  Ark Analog have arranged a string of tour dates in Ontario.  A full list of dates can be found below.

“This project is a dream come true for me,” says Dan Werb. “Being able to build songs with Maylee and exploring those more intimate parts of our performance has been a deeply personal process. We called the EP Dirty Power because we’ve been playing some basement shows recently where we never knew whether our gear was going to explore on account of the sketchy electricity. And of course, these are some of the sexiest songs either of us have ever worked on. Stay tuned.”

With Ark Analog, Dan and Maylee have focused their energies on creating a sound that channels the spirit of dark, disaffected disco, married to the math-like synth and drum arrangements pioneered by Kraftwerk. In the songs of the Dirty Power EP (January 2014), these two traditions blend effortlessly, with Maylee’s aching vocals playing delicately over a throwback electro beat. The veteran touch of Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys), who mixed the EP, can also be heard in the depth of sound and hints of subtle minimalism that runs throughout the tracks.

Dirty Power Tracklisting:

1. Make Me A Mirror
2. Was That It
3. Second Chance
4. Late Night Love

Ark Analog Tour dates:

Feb 7 – Toronto at Long Winter

Feb 16 – Toronto In-Store (Sonic Boom) for Wavelength Festival
Feb 20 – London, ON at Museum London

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