ArchiveX debuts new video for “Introduction”

ArchiveX shares his new video for "Introduction".

The path ArchiveX has followed on the way to delivering his debut album, Some Ungodly Hour has been has been an interesting one. A former Naval officer, tech reporter, literary editor, and video game session vocalist, ArchiveX found his first musical success with original pieces licensed to MTV and others. But it was a 2012 invitation from left-field – to sing for a year with a revered gospel choir in the Bay Area – that inspired him to plunge into original music full-time.

Deeply moved by the choral genre’s wisdom and power, ArchiveX began writing and recording the songs that comprise Some Ungodly Hour in 2013. There was a firm goal: not to make a gospel record – this is not religious music – but instead to make a hybrid and mash-up of genres and times that nonetheless still captured something of old-school gospel’s directness and soul. With contemporary influences ranging from Bjork to Tom Waits and Thom Yorke, this was never going to be a straightforward proposition. Harking back to choral styles from the 1940’s to 1960’s, he has created songs anchored in multi-tracked vocals, layered over simple acoustics and electronic brushstrokes.