“Anything” by TOPS

TOPS released their single “Anything” in September 2015 via Arbutus Records.

While the audio is sharper than ever before, the video, shot on a Hi8 camera by Tommy Keith, maintains the homespun aesthetic in line with their past visuals. As Jane Penny explains, “Anything was difficult to write down. It’s the anguish you feel when everything you used to have confidence in is no longer there beside you. We went out a couple weeks ago, scoped out strangers bikes and shot the video that night. Sometimes there isn’t a difference between what you have, used to have, and what you don’t.”

TOPS are a four-piece band from Montreal. David and Jane met in middle school, but didn’t stay in touch until they reunited in Montreal where they’ve been collaborating since 2009. Unintentionally initiating a pop music scene in Montreal, their strange homemade recordings have gained an international following. In 2011 they joined Riley Fleck and started jamming at the loft space La Brique where they wrote and recorded their first record, Tender Opposites. TOPS continue to engineer and produce their own records and make their own videos in collaboration with fellow artists and filmmakers. In opposition to commercially driven pop music, TOPS pursuit lies in creating moving songs that succeed earnestly, disregarding trends and myth-making.

Upcoming shows:

April 4th | San Francisco, CA | The Depot

April 6th | Santa Ana, CA | The Observatory

April 7th | Pioneertown, CA | Pappy and Harriets

April 8th | Los Angeles, CA | Non Plus Ultra

April 9th | Portland, OR | Stamm Hall

April 16th | Fargo, ND | KNDS Block Party

May 5th | Toronto, ON | Lee’s Palace