“Anxious Alien” HANA

HANA has revealed the official music video for her latest single “Anxious Alien.” Directed by Logan Fields. Speaking on her single ‘Anxious Alien,’ HANA explains: “I wrote this song while streaming live on my twitch channel. I took suggestions from people on themes they wanted me to write about and one of the most common suggestions was social media. This song is a Jekyll and Hyde moment of my album HANADRIEL, about how social media can provide confidence and a needed outlet but also occasionally be the catalyst for deep depression.” In other news, HANA has teamed up with 1RIC and Jadu, an iOS app that allows fans to record a performance of ‘Anxious Alien’ alongside a three-dimensional hologram of HANA in the comfort of their own home.

Jadu’s platform unlocks an unprecedented opportunity for artists to explore AR in a way that allows them to continue to perform, while breaking down barriers for fans and encouraging a whole new form of shareable, user-generated content. Fans can choose from a library of photorealistic holograms of different musicians, scan their surroundings and place the hologram in their space using AR. Users then enter the frame with their favorite artist and record a video as they perform with the hologram. The resulting video can be saved to their device and shared on TikTok, Instagram or any other social media website.

HANA reveals: “Working with Jadu on a hologram was an absolute dream come true. Being able to be a part of such groundbreaking technology is so exciting and I jumped at the opportunity to be involved. I think especially right now, when we can’t play live shows because of COVID-19, this is a really fun and interactive way to connect with fans. I’m so excited to visit people in their houses and lovingly kick a lot of people in the face!”

In other news, HANA plans to continue producing more streams on Twitch and Animal Crossing New Horizon, plus engage in more live discussions with friends online, virtual concerts and live sessions from her studio. She is currently working on a larger collection of music and plans to tour later this year. More information to come soon.