The Antlers’ Peter Silberman drops new track

The Antlers' Peter Silberman drops new track "Ahimsa"

Peter Silberman, member of The Antlers, has dropped a new track entitled “Ahimsa.” The tune is off Silberman’s album Impermanence, available February 24th from Anti-.

Silberman explains, “Ahimsa usually translates from Sanskrit as “non-harming”, which I take to mean practicing a non-violent attitude toward others and myself. I wrote the song as a personal encouragement to cultivate that awareness whenever possible, to be less knee-jerk reactive, to snap to fewer judgments, and above all, to be patient. I need this reminder often.

“Ahimsa” is also my ridiculous wish: for a unanimous period of calm and safety, for one whole day of peace. I mostly think this is an impossible goal.

But I hold on to some small hope that it can be reached by an incredibly long road,walked with microscopic steps, by creating harmonious moments and stringing them together, one-by-one, over the course of many lifetimes.”

Time is all we have.
I hope I have enough,
enough to show you love
before my time is up.
Before you wake the dead,
take a pause,
instead of deafening nonsense,
share silence.
No violence today…
Like driving with the window down,
all of this will disappear.
I only have you now, you only have me here.
And we can’t count on tomorrow night,
or wait for brighter light.
I can hear you thru my eyelids,
chère Silence.
No violence today…

Peter Silberman will be playing a series of live dates, many of them performed in living rooms. No stage, tiny sound system, a highly intimate affair limited to 40-60 people. Peter will also perform in Brooklyn at The Park Church Co-Op and has just announced additional tour dates in Europe.

Live Dates
March 22 – Boston, MA – Living Room show
March 23 – North Adams, MA – Living Room show
March 25 – Toronto, ON – Living Room show
March 26 – Ann Arbor, MI – Living Room show
March 28 – Chicago, IL – Living Room show
March 29 – Madison, WI – Living Room show
April 1 – Skokie, IL – Living Room show
April 2 – Columbus, OH – Living Room show
April 3 – Cleveland, OH – Living Room show
April 4 – Pittsburgh, PA – Living Room show
April 5 – Philadelphia, PA – Living Room show
April 6 – Washington, DC – Living Room show
April 8 – Brooklyn, NY – The Park Church Co-Op
April 18 – London, UK – St. John’s Church
April 19 – Leeds, UK – Headrow House
April 20 – Glasgow, UK – The Glad Cafe
April 21 – Dublin, IE – Dublin Unitarian Church
April 23 – Brussels, BE – Rotonde Botanique
April 24 – Paris, FR – Le Pop Up du Label
April 25 – Amsterdam, NL – Het Zonnehuis