Anti-Flag teach us some great recipes

Anti-Flag member Chris #2 shares some great recipes with us.

Pittsburgh’s legendary punk band Anti-Flag, have just released their new album American Fall via Spinefarm Records. Along with the release the band are hitting the road to promote the full-length, starting January 16th in Detroit. We were lucky enough to catch up with Chris #2, who shared some pretty tasty recipes, and info on the new album. unfortunately, he is a little misguided on his NHL prediction, but we still like him.

A few words from Chris #2

“There’s a focus on politics right now for obvious reasons,” says Chris#2. “When that happens, our band gets more attention. Being our tenth record, we wanted to make sure that we were true to ourselves. It had to sound like Anti-Flag. At the same time, London Calling is my favorite by The Clash because they took risks. Since they were in front of more eyes than ever, they didn’t play it safe. We wanted to push the envelope so we had a reason to put out another record when everyone was watching.”

Northern Transmissions: What’s the easiest vegan meal to prep in a hotel room? (Give a recipe if possible)

Chris #2 in a hotel!?!? Whaaaaaatttttt! I’m gonna have to say vegan ramen, get yourself a few packets of miso soup, ramen noodles, frozen Gardien chicken strips (the teriyaki ones, but throw out the sauce), some corn, some Chinese broccoli, and I don’t mind diced carrots in wine.

Cook the noodles, rinse them with cold water and set aside.
Cook the chicken, set aside.
Make the miso soup packets (make 2 or 3!)
Add veggies to miso soup
Add Chicken

Place noodles in a bowl and spoon broth, chicken and veggies on top. Soy sauce and Siracha to taste!

NT: Best vegan meal to cook on a first date? (Give a recipe if possible)>

C#2: I am Italian, so it’s a pasta dish.

Penne Aglio Olio with cherry tomatoes and asparagus

Cook pasta / set it aside with a drizzle of GOOD! (YOURE ON A DATE GOOD, Olive Oil. EXPENSIVE SHIT)
Oil and garlic in a pan add some minced onion (but not a lot, i don’t like onions)
Toss in pasta
Toss in cherry tomatoes and asparagus
Cook all together for a few mins
Add some shredded Follow Your Heart vegan mozzarella (shred it yourself!)
Put in a bowl with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast

Serve with FRESH bread

NT: Can you give us some of the artistic inspirations behind the recording of the new album?

C#2: The Clash, Phil Ochs, Billy Bragg, Rage Against The Machine, Billy Talent. All of them musically drove us to be better. Combating Donald Trump and his regime of bigotry normalizing neo-fascists was inspired by the black lives matter movement, people like Jeremy Scahill, Naomi Klein, Ryan Harvey, Evan Greer.

NT: Is it easier to write in this political climate?

C#2: It’s often harder. The landscape is one that is so sensational that you need to pace yourself to make concise and thought out statements, were not at our best when we’re being knee jerk reactionary, but much better when we know the weight of the battle we’re fighting.

NT: After all these year of recording together, how has the formula changed?

C#2: It changed a good bit, we’re much better at serving the songs, at trying to find the best medium to share the agenda or message of the song. That luxury just comes from year of trial and error.

NT: Do the Montreal Canadians have a shot at winning the cup?

C#2: Sorry. Not this year my friend. Let’s. Go. Pens.


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