Andrew Bird to Release Break it Yourself on Bella Union

On Monday 5th March Andrew Bird will return with a new album titled ‘Break It Yourself’ released on Bella Union. In the meantime, however, we are happy to share with you Andrew’s cover of Alpha Consumer’s ‘The Crown Salesman’. You can download this song over at the Andrew Bird Facebook Page simply by ‘liking’ this page or stream via the link below…

Listen to ‘The Crown Salesman’

‘The Crown Salesman’ will appear on an exclusive coloured 10″, which will be available in the UK & Europe as part of Record Store Day

In short Break It Yourself is as warm-hearted and eclectic as ever. It sounds like all the music and no music you’ve ever heard, from jazz to country to classical to folk and pop, visiting a thousand exotic places along the way and the public has no problem with that. Pondering his increasing popularity, which can’t simply be put down to a hard work ethic, Bird suggests why he has registered with a much wider audience. “People have been exposed to more and different things – palate is the right word. It’s a sensory thing,” he says. The implied food comparison seems apt, the ingredients don’t necessarily produce what one expects but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

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