Andrei Eremin Releases Single ft. Fractures

Andrei Eremin Releases Single "Ghosts" ft. Fractures

Andrei Eremin is not a name you’ll immediately recognize, but it’s very likely you’ve heard his work. At the ripe age of 22, Eremin has produced, mastered and mixed some of Australia’s newest rising stars, including Chet Faker, Oscar Key Sung, Fractures and more.

Now, after years of being behind the scenes, Eremin takes center stage with his first single “Ghosts”, featuring vocals from Mark Zito, aka Fractures.

“Ghosts” is a texturally rich track, serving as the perfect introduction to Eremin’s solo style. Warped keys are looped over contrasting layers of somber string arrangements and ebullient four quarter beats, while Zito’s emotive vocals inject a touch of human warmth, resulting in a haunting, yet alluring track.

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