“American Fag” Uni (GOASTT)

70’S Psych/Punk/Glam band, UNI (GOASTT) have shared a new video for “American Fag.” The band features front-woman Charlotte Kemp Muhl, also known simply as Kemp Muhl, singer/songwriter/ writer/model and film director. The band will be touring with The Claypool Lennon Delirium, starting April 10th in Toronto, Ontario.

UNI (GOASTT) on the video for “American Fag”

“We’ve seen reversals of fortune: college drop outs who tripped on LSD and later founded billion dollar corporations. High school jock quarterbacks who grew up to be alcoholic nobodies talking into a beer about the glory days that fade farther with every swig of Coors Light. The socially awkward nerds who could never get a date but now impress high society with their knowledge of astrophysics and model wives. On the day gay marriage was legalized in America we wrote this song in honor of the reversal of law, opinion and ideology it represented. The marginalized parties could now party in the margins. The victims became vixens, the tragic turned to magic, and the outcasts could cast themselves in the starring role. Not only within the borders of the open minded districts of major cities where this way of life has been kept safe and protected already but in the context of a patriotic red, white, and blue hot dog eating, football playing America that opened its arms and embraced for the first time with fervor equal to the flag of the country it loves: The American Fag.

UNI (GOASTT) the band, take their name from Uni, an experimental drug first invented by Austrian Physicist Dr. Alan Hoffstein in 1936. Hoffstein was seeking a cure for swine flu and when self-experimenting realized Uni allowed him to see layers of reality previously unavailable to conscious human perception. The formula for Uni was lost in the war when Hoffstein’s laboratory was bombed but is rumored to have been re-synthesized last year in New York City

Live Dates

Wed 4/10/2019 Toronto ON Danforth Music Hall

Fri 4/12/2019 Philadelphia PA The Fillmore

Sat 4/13/2019 New Haven CT College Street Music Hall

Sun 4/14/2019 Boston MA House of Blues

Tue 4/16/2019 Brooklyn NY Brooklyn Steel

Wed 4/17/2019 Washington DC 9:30 Club

Fri 4/19/2019 Asheville NC The Orange Peel

Sat 4/20/2019 Nashville TN Marathon Music Works

Tue 4/23/2019 St. Louis MO Delmar Hall

Thu 4/25/2019 Minneapolis MN Varsity Theater

Fri 4/26/2019 Chicago IL Thalia Hall

Sat 4/27/2019 Detroit MI Majestic Theatre

Mon 4/29/2019 Bloomington IL Castle Theatre

Tue 4/30/2019 Covington KY Madison Theater 30

Tour Dates W/ The Claypool Lennon Delirium