ALTAS premieres new single “Glasgow Smile”

Denver band, ALTAS have shared their new single "Glasgow Smile"
ALTAS "Glasgow Smile"

Denver band, ALTAS take some of their sound from Explosions in the Sky and Russian Circles, but manage to create a sound of their own. All I Ever Wanted Was, the forthcoming release from ALTAS, comes out on May 31st via Altas Musica. Ahead of the album’s release, the band have shared the single “Glasgow Smile.”

ALTAS is a unique story, composed entirely of women and minorities is rare in rock music, especially in the instrumental/post rock genre. Enrique and Israel Jimenez (guitars and drums, respectively) hail from Oaxaca, Mexico; guitarist Juan Carlos Flores was born in Juarez, Mexico. These roots can be heard their music, which hints of turmoil in the current political era. They can also be seen in their dynamic, passionate performances which have gained a loyal following in their hometown of Denver.

ALTAS on “Glasgow Smile”

“Glasgow Smile was born out of the frustration that comes with being an independent artist. A carved smile signifying the perseverance that is required to keep pursuing your art. Playing in cities where no one knows your name, eating bad food, drinking too much and vehicles breaking down in the middle of nowhere forcing you to precariously ride home in the back of a U-Haul for hundreds of miles longing for the safety and warmth of your own home. But just like the song, we do it for those fleeting blissful moments when none of that matters. It represents life smacking you in the face and saying, why so serious?”

Artist: ALTAS
Album: All I Ever Wanted Was
Label: Altas Musica
Release Date: May 31, 2019

01. Mi Siento Maldito
02. Glasgow Smile
03. A Break In The Damage Path
04. Cosas Nunca Dichas
05. Valentin Trujillo (An Unsung Hero)
06. Noble Savage
07. Rattenkönig (Kompromat)


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