“Alone Together” Mr. Elevator

Mr Elevator, is the project of Oh Sees member Tomas Dolas. Recently, the band released their lead single, “Alone Together” off of their forthcoming release Goodbye, Blue Sky, out January 17th via Castle Face Records.

“The drum clock is docking and the night tide washes up synthesized environments woozy and recorded perfectly, in my humble opinion, Mr Elevator has risen and ascended and risen again top floor time and space, he hath bended and brain cells have been rent and spent on the wing aloft and buoyant a perfect rapid eye movement enhancer and Neuromancer.

From Oh Sees and Castle Face Records founder John Dwyer:

“A capsule garden soundtrack a killer live band Leslie spinning a yarn through the melodious afternoon now its twilight all is well. The most overweight bass sounds abound the crystalline organs blanket breaks and backs the whip crack of the snare is your guide here its pretty fried and boundless in its approach. For fans of Tangerine Dream, Air, Donovan (think the “Hurdy Gurdy Man” LP) The Troggs, Irmin Schmidt, Egg, Stereolab, and even early Mute records.”

Mr Elevator
Goodbye, Blue Sky

01. Waiting
02. Love Again
03. Alone Together
04. Bamboo Forest
05. Anywhere
06. Brobdingag
07. Down
08. Kompressor
09. Sylvia
10. Patterns


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