Alicia Clara “Five”

“Five” is the follow-up to Alicia’s Clara’s debut single “Closing Time at the Gates,” the track dropped in February, and developed quite a buzz with tastemakers in North America. Growing up training professionally in ballet, Alicia has always associated music to a full body and mind experience. Throughout the process of recording EP Outsider/Unusual, Alicia and her band have explored new styles ranging from psych pop to more shoegaze-y alt-pop. The EP is due to drop in February 2021.

Alicia Clara on “Five:”

“I wrote Five after waking up from a very weird dream in the second week of the spring lockdown, while I was staying at my aunt and uncle’s. I recorded my vocals and the acoustic guitar with a $20 handheld mic in their basement, thinking I was just recording a random demo for myself. I ended up loving it so much that I asked collaborators Michael and Dylan if they were down to work on it, so we started producing the track over zoom. We ended up keeping those original handheld microphone stems in the final track because they weren’t so bad at all, and we thought it would be an interesting vestige of the early days of the pandemic.”


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