Alice Glass and Alice Longyu Gao “LEGEND”

Alice Glass and Alice Longyu Gao have released a new music video for their current single "Legend" the track is now available to stream
Alice Glass and Alice Longyu Gao have released a new music video for their current single "Legend"

Alice Glass and Alice Longyu Gao are back with a new video for “Legend,” The clip feature 3D effects, and real snakes (who were treated humanely and with the utmost care).

Alice Longyu Gao describes the music video as inspired by Alice Glass: “I’d put Alice Glass’s live performance’s up on Youtube during COVID and then literally just simply admire her. I can’t get over the powerful ‘giving it all’ attitude she has on stage. ‘LEGEND’ is such a powerful track and I think the best way to let our audience experience it in a visual way is to perform it live. So we staged this punk vibe set at an actual venue in LA we love. Me and Alice Glass went off as if we were playing for a zillion audiences.”

Alice Glass, a personal musical LEGEND of Alice Longyu Gao’s, said that: “I got to live two of my dreams for this video. I got to be a hype-person for an important female artist about to break out and take over, and I got to be engulfed by a beautiful python!”

The two Alices came together through mutual adoration and the film crew caught their chemistry and executed both artists’ visions to a T. Director Olivia Aquilina, led a whole queer/non-binary/female crew and they really crushed it: “I have been such a fan of Alice Longyu Gao and Alice Glass for such a long time. This project meant so much to me and to the entire crew who brought it together. We are so happy we got to bring LEGEND to life with both of them! <3.”

Completing the music video with their editing and 3D techniques, Astra Zero and Lucas David went above and beyond. Astra Zero said: “The film crew used multiple cameras and filming styles to create all the footage, so it has this extra grungy punk rock element to it that just works so well with the song.” Lucas David, a well-known visual artist and director put it simply: “Legend“ is a timeless classic that has been made with the quality of ‘double vision Alice.’ punk is for girls !! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.”

The “LEGEND” music video is out now and fans around the world can watch and stream the song and the remixes by Alice Gas and dltzk here.