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Fade, sounds like what we’ve come to expect from this band. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Light Up Gold

Even though Parquet Court call Texas home, NYC is their adopted residence and their searing mix of rock ‘n’ roll stomp and punk grit sounds like the seeds inside the Big Apple.

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Reverse Shark Attack

American musicians and songwriters Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin got together back in 2009 to release a vinyl only, limited addition eight track collaboration on Kill Shaman. The album was received so well it’s now being re-issued for all to hear on In The Red this month.

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Scott Walker - Bish Bosch

 Bish Bosch

Bish Bosch stands in stark contrast with the music that made Scott Walker a household name back in the 1960s, it is progressive, honest and inventive.

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Review of Dirty Projectors' album, 'Swing Lo Magellan'

Swing Lo Magellan

Domino darlings and American indie rockers Dirty Projectors are due to release their highly anticipated sixth album entitled Swing Lo Magellan. The thoughtful band known for their dizzying, innovative tracks have jumped forward again with this album and created more fresh sounds.

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Review of ‘Confess’ By Twin Shadow


Confess is not a complex album that will coke up your senses. Confess does not have convoluted lyrics that will keep you deciphering for years to come. Confess hasn’t the experimentation desired nowadays from fresh indie demigods. Twin Shadow’s latest LP out July 9th is not, despite all intent, a modern piece that will be remembered as a milestone in the contemporaneous music trends of our great Western civilization.

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Review Of Early Times By Silver Jews

Early Times

Of the past 6 decades in rock and roll, I’d probably rate the 90’s right at the bottom.There are a few bright spots though and in fact a lot of people consider Pavement to be one of the frontrunners for band of the decade. The Silver Jews then do fit into the conversation tangentially as they are sort of the Megadeth to Pavement’s Metallica. So the band does have a devoted fan base, but even then you might be hard pressed to find that many of them that can get through and enjoy the latest Silver Jews release of their early recordings and demos in Early Times.

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Review of PS I Love You's album, Death Dreams

Death Dreams

o the casual on-looker, PS I Love You’s quick rise to the summit of the intensely competitive Canadian music landscape is the thing dreams are made of. Heck – just over one year ago the band released their highly praised homage to their hometown Kingston,

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Royal Trux – Singles, Live, and Unreleased

Singles, Live, and Unreleased

Growing up in a Christian household didn’t leave too many avenues for enlightenment in the church of rock and roll, but as these things usually happen; one day the door opens and you step through to never turn back.

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