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Northern transmissions reviews IO ECHO' S new album 'Ministry Of Love'

Ministry of Love

IO ECHO are a band influenced by everything from goth to grunge pop, but on their debut album they’ve also infused some Asian sounds which is being called “new Orientalism”. The first track “Shanghai Girls” has all of these elements, but also is very evocative of Siouxsie and the Banshees’

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the flaming lips the terror

The Terror

he new opus by The Flaming Lips possesses something of a cinematic vibe amongst its burbling synths, disconnected vocals and razor sharp contorted guitar lines. It’s as if the band’s thirteenth outing, The Terror, could by the aural partner to a post apocalyptic survival picture.

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Northern Transmissions of British Sea Power's 'Machineries Of Joy

British Sea Power’s Machineries of Joy

The sixth record by quirky Brighton dwellers, British Sea Power is called Machineries of Joy and although it carries a mechanical moniker the LP itself is chocked full of human feeling with a real sense of catharsis and cleansing

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generationals heza album review polyvinyl


American indie rock duo Generationals are to release their third album Heza this April on Polyvinyl Records. The duo, made up of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer formed in New Orleans Louisiana in 2008.

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depeche mode delta machine

Delta Machine

That’s how much Depeche Mode, a band that I once revered, had completely gone off my radar. So the question comes up again with an old act: What can Depeche Mode contribute in 2013? The answer is an album that sticks very close to it’s sound roots of lush dark keyboards

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Northern Transmissions reviews The Strokes New Album Comedown Machine

Comedown Machine

After taking a five year break to grind out 2011’s Angles, The Strokes have returned with a very similar album, albeit one that sounds less forced. It’s been over ten years since The Strokes stole the hearts of an apathetic generation waiting to be woken up with Is This It?

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Northern Transmissions reviews the new album 'In Love' from UK band Peace

In Love

It’s particularly fitting that Birmingham band Peace would call their debut record, In Love. What goes better together than peace and love? Rhetorical question of course! Nevertheless the UK four piece cut an amorous dash with their first offering

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Northern Transmissions reviews the new album from Wax Idols, 'Discipline & Desire

Discipline & Desire

Oakland post-punk four piece Wax Idols are about to release their second album entitled Discipline & Desire on March 26th. With Heather Fedewa aka Hether Fortune at the helm, the band have built on their first album No Future in a noisy

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daughter if you leave album review

If You Leave

Desolate, bleak and bruised, welcome to the icy tundra that is Daughter. The London trio are offering up their heart-wrenching debut album, If You Leave, this month. Ten songs constructed from brittle orchestration and Elena Tonra’s rich, emotive vocal

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david bowie the next day album review

The Next Day

As music icons go, David Bowie may be the biggest in terms of his wide reach across multi-generations. It’s common for fans to have a very personal connection to the man and his music, and it would probably be quite normal for each of those connections to differ greatly

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Northern Transmissions reviews 'The Hearse' by 'Wampire'

Review Of Wampire – ”The Hearse”

“Live the dream like the 80s never happened” sang Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke on Song for Clay (Disappear Here), and it would seem Portland, OR, duo Wampire buy into this philosophy. Just check out the band’s press shots and you’ll see a soft focus photo of Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps

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Northern Transmissions review Alex Calder's new EP 'Life'


The EP begins with “Suki and Me”, loaded with dreamy wanderlust lyrics over a song-driving bass line. Alex Calder doesn’t have the pipes of a Grohl or even a Ringo (possibly why the vocal track is mixed lower than the other instruments), however he does have something to say

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