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Review of PS I Love You's album, Death Dreams

Death Dreams

o the casual on-looker, PS I Love You’s quick rise to the summit of the intensely competitive Canadian music landscape is the thing dreams are made of. Heck – just over one year ago the band released their highly praised homage to their hometown Kingston,

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Royal Trux – Singles, Live, and Unreleased

Singles, Live, and Unreleased

Growing up in a Christian household didn’t leave too many avenues for enlightenment in the church of rock and roll, but as these things usually happen; one day the door opens and you step through to never turn back.

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Review of Bebe Buell's album, 'Hard Love'

Hard Love

If you’re never heard of Bebe Buell chances are you probably know who she is. Buell is a former Playboy centerfold who cavorted with many musicians in the 70’s as a self described “band aid” and was one of the inspirations for the Penny Lane character in Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous”. Her brief affair with Steven Tyler spawned her more famous daughter Liv Tyler.

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Review of Youth Lagoon album, 'The Year of Hibernation'

The Year of Hibernation

Trevor Powers couldn’t have picked a more perfect title for his musical venture, as his pseudonym invokes the fragility of being young, all to the sound of deep, swelling pools of synth. Powers performs and records under the name Youth Lagoon and has just produced the dream inducing debut album The Year of Hibernation.

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