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Album reviews and new music previews from the latest releases by upcoming bands and indie record labels.

Paracosm the new album from Washed Out reviewed for Northern Transmissions by Heather Welsh. Paracosm comes out September 13 on Subpop Records


Electronic musician Ernest Greene aka Washed Out is to release his second album Paracosm, out this month on the Sub Pop record label. The nine track album follows his EPs Life Of Leisure and High Times and debut LP Within and Without which have all showcased his special form of drowsy,

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Weekend "Jinx" reviewed by Northern Transmissions, "Jinx" comes out July 23 on Slumberland


Jinx marks the 2nd and latest release from Brooklyn-via-San Francisco 80s indebted shoegazers Weekend. Their first release of new music since 2011’s Red EP, the album is a continuation of the bleak, reverb swathed sounds of their earlier releases.

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fuck buttons slow focus reviewed bty Northern Transmissions, album comes out July 23 on ATP Recordings

Fuck Buttons’ New Album “Slow Focus” Review

Picture the scene, its last summer, the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, it’s a glorious celebration of all things English. Then comes the flag parade, where every country competing large or small unveils themselves to the world.

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YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN new album "YT//ST" reviewed by Northern Transmissions, out July 16 on Suicide Squeeze

Yamantanka//Sonic Titan Album Review

The album, YT//ST can almost be carved up into a noisier side and a more free-form direction. The album flickers in with ‘Raccoon Song’ which positions the listener in a storm like setting, the sound of running water is coupled with doom like thunder rolls making for a tense but atmospheric beginning.

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Softmetals "Lenses" reviewed by Northern Transmissions, "Lenses" is out July 16 on Capture Tracks


When music, or any art is at it’s best, it takes you on a journey, like a door to another dimension. What’s been happening with a lot of rock music is that it’s become so self-referential that it adds too many layers to go through before you can take that journey

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Pony Bwoy self titled album reviewed by Northern Transmissions, album coming out July 16 on Totally Gross Domestic Product

Pony Bwoy

Pony Bwoy is the latest project from rapper Jeremy Nutzman aka Spyder Baybie Raw Dog, who has teamed up with producer Hunter Morley. The duo is to release a self-titled LP out on Minneapolis label Totally Gross National Product this month

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Gauntlet Hair "Stills" reviewed by Norther Transmissions, "Stills" comes out July 16 on Dead Oceans


Stills is the sophomore release for Gauntlet Hair, the Denver, CO based duo of Andy R. and Craig Nice. Like their 2011 debut, this album reveals itself early on to be the product of two musicians that are equal parts obsessive listeners and meticulous composers.

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San Cisco debut album reviewed by Northern Transmissions, out July 16 on RCA

Review Of Debut Album From San Cisco

San Cisco join a long lineage of bands that combine the sweet sounding carelessness of pop with dark, brooding lyrics, ‘Mission Failed’ combines the dual vocals that work so well with crunchy synths and rapid fire hi hat stabs, “I love to hear your lies/when you tell me we’ll be friends/I can see it in your eyes/ I’ll never see you again”

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Oberhofer "Notalgia" EP reviewed by Northern Transmissions, out July 16 on Glassnoste Records

Notalgia EP

Noise pop Brooklyn band Oberhofer are to release their first EP this year, the Notalgia EP which is coming out on Glassnote Records. This follows their first album Time Capsules II released in 2012 on the same label

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Twin Peaks reviewed by Northern Transmissions, available July 9 on Autumn Tone


You wouldn’t believe that these kids aren’t allowed to drink in the bars that they perhaps play in the States judging by their debut album Sunken. There is a classic old time garage pop feeling to this record that feels unnatural coming from boys that were only born in the 1990’s

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"Vicissitude" by Maps, Aka James Chapman reviewed by Northern Transmissions wiill be out July 8 on Mute Records


Vicissitude gathers much of its melodic sensibility from early 4AD/shoegaze acts, and looks back even further for instrumental inspiration. The layers of synths and drum machines contained within are the product of early minimal synth-pop groups

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Selebrities "Lovely Things" reviewed by Northern Transmissions out June 25 on Cascine

Lovely Things

Brooklyn based trio Selebrities are to release their second album Lovely Things out on New York/London label Cascine. It follows first album Delusions (2011) and EPs We’ve Been Foolish (2011) and most recently, Night Heat (2012)

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