Alberteen debut new single “The Son’s Room”

UK band Alberteen debut new single "The Son's Room"

Following their previous releases Miss World and A French Connection, Alberteen have released the new track “The Son’s Room”, out via Rhythm and Noir Recordings.

“The Son’s Room” is described as a reflection on memory and loss, inspired by lead singer Phil Shaw’s childhood and his relationship with his father. This is first time the band have not included a guitar part, enabling the song to be propelled by funky beats and soaring synths, as thought provoking lyrical storytelling flows. Fusing together folk-inspired musicality with a sweeping electronic soundscape, The Son’s Room builds rich sonic layers to create a quirky slice of alt-pop.

Having been featured on Cornershop’s Singles Club releases, they have played with everyone from Primal Scream to Field Music and are now ready to impress once more with the dark allure of The Son’s Room. Alberteen’s “The Son’s Room” is out today via Rhythm and Noir Recordings.

Alberteen on “The Son’s Room”:

“This is our first single in two years and it’s been liberating to put down the guitars and embrace analogue synths, flutes, clarinets and samples. We recorded it with Angus Wallace in a valley at Far Heath Studios, home to so much psychedelia, avant garde pop and experimental noise. We feel it rubbed off on us in some small way”


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