Air Waves Shares new track “Horse Race”

Air Waves shares her latest single "Horse Race", from her forthcoming release 'Parting Glances'

Nicole Schneit aka Air Waves has shared the song “Horse Race” ahead of the release of her new album Parting Glances – which comes out October 2nd on Western Vinyl. This time around Air Waves is joined by Jana Hunter (Lower Dens) who guests on vocals.

Growing up in New York’s West Nyack community, not far from Manhattan, Nicole Schneit spent a great deal of time during her formative years in the New York City, absorbing the culture and energy that would become the foundation of her creative drive. At 14 she started taking guitar lessons in the back of a local music shop, which led her to start writing her own songs, and then eventually inviting others to join her for jam sessions. While attending Purchase College she met Dan Deacon, a friend and former collaborator who once described her comforting songs as something akin to “a favorite blanket wrapped around you.” Though she played in several bands in college (including the noise jam band Ferrari with Deacon) she eventually shifted her focus to writing and recording intimate pop songs under the name Air Waves, a moniker inspired by the title of a Guided by Voices song.

Schneit enlisted long-time friend Jarvis Taveniere of the band Woods to help record the new album. Working with Taveniere in the studio, she took a great deal of care to ensure that each song felt exactly right. As she explains, “Every song feels complete and structured without losing the warmness that I strive for. I wanted them to sound tight and full without sounding overproduced. Jarvis was the guy that helped make that happen.” In addition to Taveniere, Schneit, along with bandmates Keith Poulson, Blake Luley and Jeremy Duvall, enlisted other friends from Brooklyn’s music community to contribute to the record, including JB Townsend of Crystal Stilts, Becca Kauffman and Felicia Douglas from Ava Luna, and Brian Betancourt from Hospitality.

The album’s title comes from the 1986 film Parting Glances in which Steve Buscemi portrays a gay man navigating the difficulties of being in a relationship in Reagan-era New York. “I’ve never seen a film with Steve Buscemi in it that I didn’t love,” says Schneit. More than just identifying with the story, she’s interested in the in the lasting effect of the parting glances we share with strangers in our everyday encounters. She explains “You see all sorts of physical and emotional traits on the train. From people puking, making out, screaming, crying, laughing, dancing, grooming, etc. We encounter each other in the thick of our complex lives by simply looking at each other all the time. These glances are mundane and fleeting but also powerfully intimate.” The lingering impact of those brief moments seeps into the details and imagery she delivers through her lyrics on Parting Glances.

2 October

1. Horse Race
2. Calm
3. Lines
4. Fantasy
5. Frank
6. Milky Way
7. Touch of Light
8. Thunder
9. Sweet Talk
10. Older
11. 1,000 Degrees
12. Tik Tok