A Note From Buke And Gase And Request To Help Red Hook, NY

Purchase “Hard Times” by Buke and Gase, b/w “Blue Monday” (New Order cover). All
proceeds go to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in Red Hook, NY: http://bit.ly/bukeandgase-redhook

The song we’re pre-releasing, “Hard Times,” isn’t meant to lyrically depict or relay anything of the reality happening in NYC other than be a vehicle for donations to the support system growing there and raise awareness of the need for help. We’d lived for over 12 years in Red Hook, both of us worked on the piers, shared libations at Sonny’s, made friends with the bunny on Barge 79, sang karaoke and ate delicious meals at the many restaurants old and new, rode bikes on the cobblestones. It’s home, and its
terrifying to know that home is so fragile.

While we’re able, we want to help out in some way, as do many others in our community, and donating money or supplies is the quickest way to help from a distance. Humans in Red Hook need our help, by hand and foot, by strength and support, and this is our most immediate ability. We’ve donated warm clothes, blankets, tarps, and non-perishable food, but there are also people who are WORKING day after day to DELIVER these items to those who need them. We want to support everyone involved in this effort as best we can.

All proceeds from the sale of “Hard Times” and our cover of New Order’s “Blue Monday” will go directly to the Red Hook Initiative (http://rhicenter.org/), a community centre built on the belief that social change begins with empowered youth. This centre has been organizing hot meals, distributing much-needed supplies and medical attention to the community since the hurricane devastated much of the waterfront neighbourhood, leaving most without electricity or heat in this chilly November. We hope this will help in some small way!

Sending Sentiment,
Arone and Aron