“1000 Towns” By Kid Koala ft: Coelacanth

“1000 Towns” By Kid Koala ft: Coelacanth is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off his Creatures Of The Late Afternoon
“1000 Towns” By Kid Koala ft: Coelacanth is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Eric San AKA”: Kid Koala recently announced his double album soundtrack with built-in board game entitled Creatures Of The Late Afternoon. Centred around a cast of creatures who band together through the power of music to save their community from destruction, the album and the game together bear Kid Koala’s singular ability to bring to life the interactive worlds of his multifaceted multimedia imagination.

Following February North American dates as a duo with Lealani, Kid Koala will present The Storyville Mosquito in Nashville in March, as well as Satellite Turntable Orchestra shows in St. Catherines, Ontario, in April.

Today, the Montreal multi-artist shares a new single and video from the project, “1000 Towns” Featuring the sweet yet distorted tin can vocals of guest singer Coelacanth, the track is built around an ambling piano melody, laden in needle scratches and percussive accidents, like many Kid Koala creations before it – in “1000 towns / 1000 times / Standing on the stage / Spinning plates around”.

Creatures Of The Late Afternoon is what Eric San calls “a journey through some of my favourite musical universes through the turntables.” What started as a testing ground for creating turntable tracks in different styles took shape as the score to an action film-inspired love story. The resulting album, a twenty-track two-disc set of instrumental jaunts, features guest vocalists, and robot hotel interludes, furthering Kid Koala’s experimentation in electric, beat-driven, groove-laden, self-sampling, heartrending music.

Creatures Of The Late Afternoon is currently available for preorder ahead of its on April 14, 2023 release via Envision Records. Featuring 20 new Kid Koala tracks on double vinyl in gatefold jacket, plus 8 vinyl-only board game tracks, the package includes inserts with game pieces, dice, and 150 game cards. Built integrally into the vinyl gatefold jacket, the board game is set at a communal hub of DIY recording studios where various bands of creatures collaborate to explore different ways of expressing and enjoying music.

Kid Koala says: “This is the most playful and dynamic album I’ve done to date. It was a fun time in the studio, exploring the writing/recording process in this way. There is a wide range of moods on the tracks in terms of both energy and emotion and I’m excited about how the music has turned out. Now I can’t wait to get working on the stage production!” San performed and recorded all the instruments in his Montreal studio, then cut the stems to vinyl on his homespun record lathe, and reassembled them on turntables into the uplifting yet sentimental sonic adventure at hand.

Kid Koala
Creatures Of The Late Afternoon
Envision Records

1. Hear Now
2. 1000 Towns (feat. Coelacanth)
3. The Frequencies
4. Robohotel 1
5. Things Are Gonna Change (feat. Lealani)
6. Dusk
7. P@$SwErdD
8. When U Say Love (feat. Crayfish)
9. Highs, Lows & Highways
10. Decades
11. Get Level (feat. Hammerhead)
12. Hyperion Station
13. Let’s Go!
14. Jump & Shuffle (live at the Hardware Store)
15. Once Upon a Time in the Northeast
16. The Cards (feat. Manta Ray)
17. Robohotel 2
18. Renaissance of Reconnaissance
19. Rise of the Tardigrades
20. Til We Meet Again (live at the Natural History Museum)

Kid Koala 2023 Live Dates

Mar 11 – São Paulo, BR**
Mar 12 – São Paulo, BR**
Mar 23 – Nashville, TN – OZ Arts *
Mar 24 – Nashville, TN – OZ Arts *
Mar 25 – Nashville, TN – OZ Arts (2 shows) *
Apr 6 – St. Catharines, ON – FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre (2 shows) *
Apr 7 – St. Catharines, ON – FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre (2 shows) *
Apr 8 – St. Catharines, ON – FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre (3 shows) *

* The Storyville Mosquito
** Kid Koala x Lealani

Pre-order Creatures Of The Late Afternoon with board game by Kid Koala HERE


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