Wildcat! Wildcat! stream new single

Wildcat! Wildcat! are streaming their new single “Relentless” Featuring Wynne.

Wildcat! Wildcat! are streaming their new single “Relentless” Featuring Wynne. The track was recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Wildcat! Wildcat! and Ran Jackson in Los Angeles

About “Relentless,” the band says…

“The seed for Relentless was planted three years ago after our show at First Avenue & 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis. A cheerfully intoxicated girl walked by our van and tried to click her heels together in the air, not knowing we could see her through the tinted windows. She kept trying and trying and after many attempts eventually got it. We had a good laugh about it though, and then all of a sudden started beat-boxing and riffing and singing.

We worked on the song over the years since but it was never quite right. Then in February we began to work on it again with our producer Ran Jackson. We were able to carve out the space in the music which helped to finalize the lyrics to fit our blue collar perseverance attitude. But as we were about to finish up, Ran suggested we needed a rapper for the bridge. Something about that idea seemed to resonate with us. We’d always wanted to collaborate with someone but we didn’t know how it’d be possible or who would be a good fit, or how we’d play it live etc… as luck or fate would have it, our manager found this young rapper named Wynne… and as we were literally about 30 minutes away from calling off the idea, he emailed saying she was into the idea of working with us. Then…there was this fist bumping moment of bliss and shock. We never talked to her or gave her any kind of notes or anything really but she nailed the vibe, the message, the attitude…everything and it was exactly the missing piece of the puzzle we’ve trying to put together for years. She’s on the rise in a big way and we are so grateful that we got to work with her.

It’s ironic how things come full circle in their own way sometimes.

In the Wildcat world where songs force themselves to breathe and grow and take their time, we’re very happy to finally release this finished one… and we also just wanted to make a banger. Peace. Love. Amen. Out.”

Wildcat! Wildcat! spent the majority of 2013-2014 supporting their self titled EP and debut album No Moon At All (With tracks “Mr. Quiche,” “Hero”), co-produced by M83’s Morgan Kibby (aka White Sea), with multiple tours across North America including playing dates with alt-J, Spoon, Portugal. The Man, MS MR and Interpol as well as Lollapalooza. Wildcat! Wildcat! decided to take 2015 off from touring to begin writing and recording new songs. They plan to independently release individual tracks for free over the course of 2016.