The Moondoggies release album on vinyl

The Moondoggies have released their debut release 'Don't Be A Stranger',

The Moondoggies have released their 2008 debut full-length Don’t Be A Stranger, for the first time on vinyl. The full-length was one of the first releases in Hardly Art’s history.

Everett is a small city in northern Washington state, perhaps best known as the birthplace of Kenny Loggins, Carol Kaye, and, as of 2006, The Moondoggies. The Moondoggies are a four-piece band that plays timeless American music. Warm three-part harmonies, gothic Rhodes organ, and wanderlust guitar mark a sound rooted in boogie blues and cosmic country; their whip-smart songwriting leads to hook-heavy tunes that bristle with originality. The Moondoggies’ inaugural full-length release, Don’t Be a Stranger, was first released in 2008 and contains shades of gospel, blues, rock, and country.

As of 2016, The Moondoggies as a band will have existed for a full decade. To commemorate, Hardly Art will issue Don’t Be a Stranger on vinyl for the very first time. In addition to the original album, five previously unreleased bonus tracks have been tacked onto the release, all recorded during the same Don’t Be a Stranger sessions with producer Erik Blood in Seattle.

The Moondoggies have released their debut release 'Don't Be A Stranger', on vinyl





The Moondoggies

Don’t Be A Stranger
October 7, 2016

01. Ain’t No Lord
02. Black Shoe
03. ‘ol Blackbird
04. Save My Soul
05. Changing
06. Night & Day
07. Undertaker
08. Jesus on the Mainline
09. Long Time Coming
10. Old Hound
11. Make It Easy
12. Bogachiel Rain Blues
13. I Want You to Know
14. Wash Your Sins Away
15. Oh Now Honey [mp3]
16. Clouds
17. Side of the Road
18. Just Messing Around

Tour Dates:

10.27.16 – Boise, ID – The Olympic %
10.28.16 – Spokane, WA – The Big Dipper