Terrace Share Their New Track “Exit Stars”

Terrace, today, have shared their new single "Exit Stars" from their forthcoming album 'Cote D'azur.'

Terrace released  their first single Cote d’ Azur in November 2014, the band plans to release their first full length album with the new line up, which also includes Kalani Polson (Drums, Percussion) Alex Cooper (Guitar, Keys, Backing Vox), Simon Lock (Vox, Guitar, keyboard, drum programming)  by Spring 2015. Today, Terrace shares their new single “Exit Stars.”

Simon Lock formed Terrace in 2010 with intent that Terrace will make music that doesn’t obey the fickle music “scene”. Too many sub genres confuse the palate and create short lived trends. Instead, why not make music that can reference the past, lighten the future and live in the present?

“As a band, we have one main goal, which is… to create and play unpretentious dance music that pays no attention to current fads. Rather than follow the rest of the herd, we pull strongly from our deep roots in House Music, Techno, Brit Pop, Post Punk, and Ambient and throw it all together in one ear pleasing mix.”

“We infuse every song with our deep passion for music and really focus on making the track unique. It has to remind you of all the things you love about music and at the same inspire you to get on the dancefloor, close your eyes and let the music do the rest.”

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