“Always Elsewhere” Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo will release Stardust Birthday Party, on October 5th via New West. This week he shared the latest single from the album, “Always Elsewhere,” “Most of the time we perceive the world, ourselves and others as ideas we have about them rather than what they really are,” says Gallo. “All of our fear and anxiety stems from speculation about what COULD happen, not what is actually happening here and now. I’ve done this most of my life and still do and the best way I’ve found is to become aware that you are not being aware or present and suddenly you become present, that’s what this song is for.” In the video for the track, directed by Dylan Reyes, we see Gallo’s literal representation of this concept in the form of a box he lugs from place to place.

Ron Gallo
Stardust Birthday Party
Track Listing:

1.) Who Are You? (Point To It!)
2.) Always Elsewhere
3.) Prison Decor
4.) Party Tumor
5.) Do You Love Your Company?
6.) “You” Are The Problem
7.) It’s All Gonna Be OK
8.) I Wanna Die (Before I Die)
9.) Love Supreme (Work Together!)
10.) The Password
11.) Bridge Crossers
12.) Happy Deathday

Ron Gallo on Stardust Birthday Party

A Note From The Artist:
Stardust Birthday Party is about human evolution. Specifically, one humans evolution: mine, Ron Gallo. That’s the name my parents gave me. Hi.

At one point, I was a very lost mid-twenties person living in Philadelphia, in a relationship with someone struggling with mental health issues and crippling heroin addiction. I was asleep. I didn’t know how to handle my life. I was also writing songs for HEAVY META – my “frustrated with humanity” album. I laugh about it all now, but at the time it all felt like an absolute nightmare. It was the perfect doorway to look inside the place I’d been avoiding forever: myself.

Stardust Birthday Party is about what is happening underneath all of this life stuff. My path inward. The details of my path are pointless because everyone’s path is different. It is about me sitting with myself for the first time and confronting the big question “WHAT AM I, REALLY?” It’s about the love and compassion for all things that enters when you find out you are nothing and everything. I think at one point I wanted to change the world, but now I know I can only change myself, or rather just strip away everything that is not me to reveal the only thing that’s ever been there. And that’s what this album is about, it’s me dancing while destroying the person I thought I was, and hopefully forever.

In the liner notes of John Coltrane’s album A Love Supreme (which we pay tribute to on this album) he wrote: “During the year 1957, I experienced, by the grace of God, a spiritual awakening which was to lead me to a richer, fuller, more productive life. At that time, in gratitude, I humbly asked to be given the means and privilege to make others happy through music.”

That’s it. That is the pure essence of creativity. Someone embodying what they have realized about themselves and the world that surrounds them. That is why this album exists.

Thank you for letting me share this with you. – Ron Gallo

Ron Gallo
Tour Dates:

Aug 22 – Moth Club, London, UK
Aug 23 – The Hope and Ruin – Brighton, UK
Aug 24 – Fuzz Club Festival – Eindhoven, NL
Aug 25 – Cabaret Vert Festival – Charleville-Mezieres, FR
Aug 29 – Relache Festival – Bordeaux, FR
Aug 30 – Gigante Festival – Guadalajara, ES
Aug 31 – Ebrovision Festival – Miranda de Ebro, ES
Sept 01 – Sintonitzza Festival – Barcelona, ES
Sept 02 – Joy Eslava – Madrid, ES*
Sept 03 – Sabotage – Lisbon, PT
Sept 04 – Hard Club – Porto, PT*
Sept 21 – Lincoln Calling Festival – Lincoln, NE
Nov 01 – Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH
Nov 02 – White Rabbit – Indianapolis, OH
Nov 03 – Raccoon Motel – Davenport, IA
Nov 04 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
Nov 06 – Garrison – Toronto, QC
Nov 07 – Ministere – Montreal QC
Nov 08 – ArtsRiots – Burlington, VT
Nov 10 – First Unitarian Church – Philadelphia, PA
Nov 11 – Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA
Nov 12 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn New York
Nov 13 – DC9 – Washington, DC
Nov 14 – Kings Barcade – Raleigh, NC
Nov 15 – The Royal American – Charleston, SC
Nov 16 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA
Nov 17 – Basement East – Nashville, TN

* – w/ The Black Angels