“I Don’t Care” by The March Divide

"I Don't Care" by The March Divide
The March Divide

Over the last five years, Jared Putnam has been a busy artist, releasing three albums, five EPs, numerous singles, and a batch of cover songs, and mostly the creative force behind the March Divide. Today, Putnam has released the new single “I Don’t Care”, the first track, off the forthcoming release Anticipation Pops, out August 24th, via Slow Start Records). The full-length was produced by Mike Major (At The Drive In, Sparta, Gone Is Gone).

Putnam says of the tune, “I think there’s something really special about a two-minute pop song, it’s like a shot of adrenaline. Writing a song like that is like a flash. It’s a slow build of liberation and confidence, expressed in two minutes.”

Anticipation Pops is described as a thematic “consistent inconsistency,” different from his more planned past albums. And while he dials that back when he agrees that the album is cohesive, he’s either being modest, or is far enough outside of his comfort zone now not to notice that Anticipation Pops is actually his most thematic record of all.

Writing ten personal songs from a unique perspective, but relatable to everyone, is an artistic goal most songwriters never achieve. Putnam affirms that he made Anticipation Pops by deciding, “this is what I’m doing, take it or leave it.” Apparently he didn’t know that the result would be the work his fans can care for most of all.

The March Divide
Anticipation Pops
(Slow Start Records)
Aug, 24th, 2018

01. I Don’t Care
02. Spinning
03. Overexposure
04. We’ve Got Time
05. Stevie Doesn’t Know
06. I’ve Got Mine
07. Tie One On
08. To All My Friends
09. I Will Run To You
10. Lucky

The March Divide
Tour Dates

6/23/2018: San Antonio, TX @ The Point Park & Eats (w/ Brightwire)
6/30/2018: San Antonio, TX @ Fralo’s Pizza
7/28/2018: San Antonio, TX @ Fralo’s Pizza
8/24/2018: San Antonio, TX @ Ventura (Record Release Show)
8/25/2018: Wichita Falls, TX @ Mustang Bar
9/8/2018: El Paso, TX @ Monarch (Record Release Show)