Jack River debuts video for “Confess”

Jack River AKA: singer/songwriter/musician has debuted her new video for "Confess"
Jack River "Confess"

Jack River AKA: Australian singer/songwriter/musician Holly Rankin. Her current release Sugar Mountain was self-written, composed and co-produced alongside Xavier Dunn and John Castle, and mixed by Spike Stent (Beyonce, Gaga, Bjork). Today Jack River has debuted her new video for “Confess.” Along with the news, she has signed a new deal with Nettwerk Records.

Jack River talks about “Confess” and Sugar Mountain

“Imogen & I wanted to express a story of a wedding singer soaked in awkwardness & sentimental memories of weddings past. My Mum collected videos of her friends weddings from the 80s & 90s and sent them to Imogen – who picked out the ‘forever moments’. This video was originally inspired by a ‘how to film weddings’ video from the 80s on Youtube, it was so hilarious and awkward and strangely honest. Confess was made as a shrine to 90’s love songs/early 2000’s pop, so we wanted to bring that late 90’s grading in as much as possible to make everything feel like a home video.”

The album, while not necessarily about grief, is an album about dealing with depression, anxiety and darkness – at the same time, intended to induce joy, excitement and inspiration. I wrote most of the record as a teen when my younger sister passed away from a tragic accident as a way of dealing with it and as a way to have a fictional teen experience with her sister since her passing caused Holly to grow up fast.

Holly has created a platform called ‘Electric Lady’, which is all about putting on shows that are centered around shining a light on female musicians and songwriters + also highlighting strong female figures in other occupations (sports, science etc). Along with her work with Electric Lady, she’s also created a festival called ‘Grow Your Own’ (in her hometown of Forster), which is approaching its 3rd year and has hosted acts like Angus Stone, Alex The Astronaut and Cloud Control. She’s very recently just joined forces with Secret Sounds/Live Nation on these projects. As Triple J pointed out, “Holly Rankin is being the change she wants to see in the world.”