“If I Lied” by Los Angeles Police Department

“If I Lied" by Los Angeles Police Department is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

Recently, Los Angeles Police Department shared their new track “If I Lied.” The acoustic-guitar-driven track appears on Los Angeles Police Department’s upcoming self-titled album out April 28 on Anti.

The creative force behind Los Angeles Police Department, singer/songwriter Ryan Pollie infuses “If I Lied” with a 70’s country feel – evoking the wistful storytelling of Kris Kristofferson and The Band. Pollie says, “‘If I Lied’ is the story of a train hopper in denial of how he’s mistreated the love of his life – unsure if he’s losing her or if he’s lost her already.”

Due out April 28th, Los Angeles Police Department was produced by Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado (Whitney, The Lemon Twigs) and mixed by Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith). The album marks the follow-up to Los Angeles Police Department’s 2014 debut, which was also a self-titled effort.

Throughout Los Angeles Police Department, Pollie combines the melodic gambits of Randy Newman with the pop clarity of Paul McCartney, and the fanciful ingenuity of Brian Wilson with the narrative acuity of Pete Townshend. While the album digs into darker issues like addiction and anxiety, it also reflects the sense of wonder and exploration that Pollie brought to its creation.

“I’m a student of the album, so it was important to make this more than just a collection of the best songs I had written,” says Pollie, who started Los Angeles Police Department in 2013. “It had to be a journey for me and for the listener.”


1. The Plane
2. Grown
3. Sooner or Later
4. If I Lied
5. Hard
6. The Plane 2
7. Drugs
8. The Birds
9. Ashlyn
10. Spent