Gavin Leesam announces debut full-length

Gavin Leesam announces new album 'Bibliotheca'
Gavin Leesam

Bibliotheca, the debut album by London transplant Gavin Leesam. The full-length is described as “the sound of its protagonist summoning all the key electronic sub-genres of recent years with the UK’s capital as its blank canvas. Pivoting on the euphoric rush of house music, the awkward bounce of garage and dubstep – Leesam forges a sound that tips its hat to what has come before but is always moving forward; Bibliotheca is no pastiche to the past. As if to document the moment the sun descends from the sky to when it finally reappears”. Bibliotheca, is due out June 22nd via Casseblank Records. Recently Gavin Leesam shared the video for lead-single “Confetti”.

Gavin Leesam

1. Real Doubt
2. Doldrums
3. Give It All
4. Heart of Gold (REMIX)
5. Interlude (Reborn in Hackney)
6. Bibliotheca
7. Muscles
8. My Soul II
9. Confetti
10.Interlude (German Shepherd)
11.Desert Fathers
12.Too Much of a Good Thing

All songs written, performed and produced by Gavin Leesam except tracks 4 and 11 written by Gavin Leesam,
Timothy Leesam & Thomas Kennedy. Mastered by Ryan Mills except tracks 7, 9 & 11 mastered by Gavin Leesam